Corporate finance

Are you looking for funding to start or grow your business?

Are you looking for more beneficial, modern forms of support?

Through BusinessWell you are able to raise an injection of growth capital. The choice of form is up to you - m we will reliably outline the pros and cons of each solution.

Write to us and we will introduce you to the current opportunities for public funding.

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Business Angels

As a result of our long-standing presence in the market, we have an extensive network of business contacts, including so-called 'Business Angels'who may be willing to invest in your project. The entrepreneur in question will be able to sell his or her idea to our Business Angels, to the management company BusinessWell or to any entity using the idea exchange.

There are hundreds of investors in our country who have a stock of spare funds and a problem with investment ideas. A given entrepreneur will be able to buy the business idea alone or in an extended version the business idea together with the service by BusinessWell.


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Have you heard of crowdfunding?

From autumn 2022 we will be able to offer you our latest product - crowdfunding collections for limited liability companies. A simple and effective form of raising growth capital! More details coming soon.


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